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Water Innovation Challenge – 2014

3-5 June 2014

While many parts of the world enjoy clean water from modern sanitation technology and water systems provided by professional plumbers, many other parts remain trapped in a vicious circle of poor health and hygiene conditions due to the lack of effective water management expertise.

The inaugural Water Innovation Challenge was hosted from 3 to 5 June 2014 at Institute of Technical Education, Singapore and supported by World Plumbing Council and RMIT University who brought together a group of international, multi-discipline teams of Plumbers and Engineers under the age of 26 to participate in a series of hands-on design challenges and practical tasks. Find out more about Team Australia and Team USA:

During three days of intense competition, the teams developed a series of real and innovative solutions for emerging water and sanitation problems in two developing countries: Nepal and Bangladesh. Solutions created during the Water Innovation Challenge are to be implemented by the winning team in Nepal via the ‘Sanitation Studio’ programmes – a partnership between Australian NGO Healthabitat and WorldSkills Foundation.

Check out the overall highlight of the Water Innovation Challenge 2014:


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Download Team Australia documentation

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